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Web Page Designers MA

Web Page Designers MA Web Page Designers MA Web Page Designers MA

Web Page Designers  MA

Dynamic HTML was accepted as an augmentation of HTML by the World Wide Web (W3) Consortium in 1998, and is supported by V. 4.0 browsers and higher. Absolute positioning using layers and dynamic content flying in by a controlled timeline sequence became possible, though with difficulty using Netscape 4.05 and higher. The post-launch marketing of your site is more important than your actual site itself. Your customers must be provided with easy means of access to your site, through registering with all search engines. Additionally, registering of key search words (the primary means of customers accessing your site) must also be done, allowing ease of access through multiple avenues.

Key components for effective search engine marketing include:

Creates visual appeal through motion, thus carrying your audience further into the web site. Also reinforces specific educational goals you are trying to accomplish with your audience through visual reinforcement. Highly-effective animations can be created by Professional Web Design Services; affordable web design in Massachusetts MA ma and New Hampshire NH nh. Cheap web design, excel spreadsheet development, powerpoint design, cheap scans and corporate web development., including cycling company logos, graphical images and banner ads with small byte size. An alternative to gif animations can also be created using the far-clearer and smaller jpg file format for pictures (pixel/raster-based images) through the use of a timeline on a loop.

4 main web server operating systems (each with a host of server software) exist on the market today; UNIX, MAC, NT and Linux. The 2 main types as of today (though Linux is growing rapidly) is UNIX and Microsoft NT. Each handles file management and information processing differently. UNIX is faster, NT is easier to modularize. The biggest difference, though, that anyone will see is in the programming of interactive databases for these 2 systems. UNIX programming is based on CGI and Perl; complex languages where code is built in one file that can be 100,000 lines long. The detriment to this is that the scripts need to decompile, slowing a server down. Additionally, debugging 100,000 lines of code, is, shall we say, tedious.

NT programming is based on Active Server Pages (ASP), which allow a series of scripts to run. A more complex database program may consist of 20 related files of 20 lines of code each. Faster to build, faster to debug. And no compiling, which speeds up server speed.Thereís a reason why Monster.com switched to ASP in 1999.

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