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Small Business       (Professional, no pre-designed templates)

This level of web design is a good option for a low budget (typically ranges from $800 to $3,000*). It provides for simple sitemap development, professional, clean web design and text layout, basic logo treatment, basic navigation tools, simple photo effects such as basic color correction, sharpening, and drop shadow. It does not provide for stock image research.

  • Buildout time allotment is about 1 hour per page.


Custom Corporate
Custom Level Description, seen during an appointment, sophisticated design and layout

This level of web design is a good option for a high budget ($3,001 and higher*). It provides for advanced sitemap development, top level web design, web branding and text layout, eye popping logo treatment, superior graphical user interface, highly advanced navigation (including two-click drop nav scenarios), and advanced photo color correction and manipulation. It also provides for standard initial stock image research.

  • Buildout time allotment is between 2 and 4 hours per page

* Prices range based on number of pages, scanning, copy editing and many other services we provide.

We have launched close to 500 print and web projects since 1992. During this period, a number of agencies have approached us to develop projects or manage the process in their behalf. Thus, many of these projects will have site credits other than our own.

Some other agencies listed are; The Editors, KMG Associates, and The management and design work is ours...

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